BCX Ultra System and Family of Products

30 Years of Proven Power in The Electronic Healing Industry

The BCX ULTRA Deluxe is a standalone, fully programmable Differential Plasma Carrier Modulator combined with a TENS Electrical Stimulator and features the complete library of pre-set Rife programs as well as allowing custom programs. These frequencies can also be passed over to an extensive line of accessories and/or standlane units for other therapy fields, such as
*LED Light Therapy, *PEMF - Magnetic Pulse Therapy, *PEMF Magnetic Wave Therapy, *Far-Infrared Therapy, *Ionic Detox Footbath, *Microcurrent Therapy, and *Cosmetic Therapy

BCX Ultra:
Raytubes and Electrodes provide Differential Plasma Carrier Modulation and TENS Therapy
The BCX Ultra has an extensive line of Accessories for all fields of therapy.

High Power Plasma Light Therapy: - High Power Beamtubes and Vortex

LED Light Therapy: High Power and Standard Power LED Light Therapy Pulsing in Deep Red, Green, and Blue

Magnetic Pulse Therapy: High Power PEMF Magnetic Pulses Mats and Concentrators

Magnetic Wave Therapy: Gentle Magnetic Waves Mats and Concentrators

Far-infrared Therapy: Deep Penetrating Far-infrared Heat Active Carbon Fiber Mats

Footbath Ionic Detox: Cleanse and Ionization with and without Pulsing

Cosmetic Therapy: Facial Rejuvenation with Cosmetic Electrotherapy and Light

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